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Book Review: Don'e Let the Wind Catch You, by Aaron Paul Lazar

by marbob00 marbob00 on 02/07/13

Title:  Don'e Let the Wind Catch You
Author:  Aaron Paul Lazar
Publisher:  Twilight Times Books
Genre:  Paranormal Mystery
Kids will be kids.  If you tell them "Don't do that." they are sure to do it, if you say "Don't bother that person.", of course, they will go spying to see why they shouldn't do so.
Such is the basis for this great tale of the curiosity of three kids and where it led them. Gus, Sig and Elsbeth are three very close friends spending the summer, exploring trails on horseback and looking for new excitements. 
They find it in the person of an old man who lives alone and supposedly talks to himself.  Gus asks his parents about the hermit and his mother has a very bad reaction to it and he is forbidden to have anything more to do with the old man.
But he is drawn back to visit the man.  As the threesome go against their parents wishes, Gus learns some of the reason his mother dislikes him.
They also find the old man doesn't live alone.  His unusual companion is introduced to the kids and so begins a new adventure for them.
This is a great tale of secrets, mystery, and coming of age.  It is a time when 3 children are poised to leave childhood behind and look forward to the teen years. 
Don't Let The Wind Catch You is peopled with great characters you'll want to meet in person.  They will leave you with warm, shared memories with Gus and his friends. The characters will all seem like old friends and draw you back to your own youth when those wonderful memories are made.
You  will want to read other books by this very talented story teller.  Enjoy them all.  I sure did.
Anne K. Edwards

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