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Book Review: A Corpse For Cozumel, by Anastasia Amor

by marbob00 marbob00 on 02/07/13

Title:  A Corpse For Cozumel
Author:  Anastasia Amor
Publisher:  Whiskey Creek Press
ISBN:  978-1-60313-482-8
Genre:  Mystery
Adie Sturm finds herself drawn into a murder investigation when her best friend Marg disappears and a dead man she knows is found in a neighbor's yard.  Adie goes to Cozumel to find Marg and finds both of them are in danger.
Adie hooks up with an old friend named Wolf who rescues her and Marg from attackers on two separate occasions.  Marg went to Cozumel to pick up a check for the dead man and immediately is set upon by a thug while the attack on Adie comes after they are both shot at while scuba diving.  Adie's attacker breaks into her hotel room and tries to knife her.
Adie seems to attract a lot of attention from the fellows and Marg picks up with a desk clerk for some good times.  You'll want to know which of the fellows Adie picks and how the story ends.  There are some surprises in store for the reader as Adie finds out why the dead man was killed. You'll ask yourself if any of the fellows the ladies meet in Cozumel have ulterior motives for their attentions.
For the mystery reader who enjoys plenty of romance added to the tale for flavoring.  Enjoy.
Anne K. Edwards

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