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About Anne K. Edwards
My name is Anne K. Edwards and I am author of 5 published books in various genres.

I love to write, to share a story as told to me by the characters who live it. I believe that creating these worlds as enclosed in the covers of a book is a way to communicate with people I don’t know and will likely never meet.

My own favorite reading is a happy blend of mystery, history, and other types of reading. I continue to read nonfiction to learn about the world that surrounds me and I read fiction for relaxation.

I hope you will let books into your lives as they are wonderful companions. They keep us company during lonely vigils, periods of boredom, they pull us into worlds of adventure, comedic events, romances, warm moments as shared by families and so on. The book, no matter what format it is in, will always be with us, beyond those fads of the moment. Age is no limit to the enjoyment of reading that can be with us from the time we learn our first words until we draw our last breath.

My latest book is titled Shadows Over Paradise and was written because I wanted to see if a woman could sustain an adventure and survive without being totally dependent on a hero to keep saving her from the mishaps in life.
Julia Graye travels to the exotic Mantuan Islands to attend a wedding that doesn’t come off after she finds the body of the groom-to-be on a beach. From there, the dangers begin to pile up and soon Julia is fighting for her life on a ledge above lethal rocks.

The story centers on Julia but the background characters make their presence felt, especially a man obsessed with making Julia love him. She has also met a man who lingers in the background and attracts her, but she is certain nothing will develop between them.

He is there to warn her that she has stepped into a dangerous situation and should leave Mantua. She learns family secrets that are not safe to know, becomes involved with smugglers and political intrigue, any of which could get her killed. However, there is no graphis sex or gore in the story.

So if you like a tale that has been called a “white-knuckle ride” and ‘Enthraling” by reviewers, Shadows Over Paradise is a book you won’t want to miss.

Places to purchase the book:

Barnes and Noble or

Twilight Times Books

It may also be ordered at any brick and mortar or online bookstore!